Friends sharing
the same passion

Our project

Bcn Clay Studio is a project that was born in October 2018. It is a space where we work, teach and share our love for ceramics with the world.

Also check our showroom and personal workshop Bcn Clay Store that opened the doors in 2022 and is located just next door to our school.

We come from different countries and we have different backgrounds but our passion for clay got us together! Each one of us has her own line of ceramic objects and below you can find more information about our work.

Irina Yudina

Ceramicist with a background in Graphic Design. Irina feels attracted by minimalistic shapes and functional objects. You can find her pieces in the stores all over the world under the name of her brand I&You Ceramics. Irina is offering wheel throwing classes and workshops.

Marie Epiney

Ceramicist artist formed in Switzerland and Argentina. Her work is inspired by objects containing life and elements of nature. She combines different techniques of hand building and surface treatments. Marie is offering workshops of mould making and classes of hand building.

Juliette Moussy

Ceramicist and jeweller formed in Fine Arts. Juliette works with ceramic, metal and illustration. Getting inspired by primitive art and organic shapes found in nature. She makes symbolic and unique pieces under ILOE brand. Juliette is offering classes of hand building and ceramic jewellery.