Classes of
hand building and
wheel throwing

Hand building

In this class we discover all hand building techniques and develop different kinds of decoration.

The idea is to explore the ceramic field and to experiment as much as possible. Classes are open to beginners and advanced students. We have mixed levels in groups in order to exchange the knowledge, create dialogues and good mood.

We will work with the following techniques: pinching, coiling, slab rolling, carving. Decorating with glazes, engobes, escarvado, stamps, neriaki etc.

1 class - 30€
4 classes - 110€

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Wheel throwing

In this class we will discover the specifics of working on the pottery wheel. We will get familiar with this technique experimenting with shapes, learning and practicing how to center the clay, pull up the walls, trimm and add handles or other elements. No previous experience is needed.

The classes are in small groups of maximum 4 students, so each one has a personalized attention and can work at his own rythm. We will start with simple shapes with the possibility to later explore your own ideas.

We will develop the following skills: wedging, centering clay, pulling the walls, trimming, decorating with glazes and engobes.

1 class - 30€
4 classes - 110€

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Private classes

We also offer private classes for individuals, groups and workshops for special events like birthday parties, team building, etc.

We have international team which consists of qualified ceramists and we speak English, Spanish, French and Russian.

Contact us for more details. We'll be happy to organize a memorable event for you and your friends!